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Scale Your Art Practice with Murals! Exterior & Interior

    Is making one piece of art and selling it burning you out?! Have you thought of doing interior and exterior Murals? Curious how much to charge, or how the heck do they paint something so large? We have all your questions answered! I went from a traditional art practice to increasing net profits by 394% in just 1 year all because of MURALS!

    • $159 CAD

    Diversify Your Creative Income

      What would life look like if you have more financial freedom, and the power to choose? Becoming a Diversified Creative isn't about working harder or more—it's about understanding what's truly worth your time. Learn how we shed our limiting beliefs about what defines success for creatives!

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      Large Scale Portrait Class

        Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of large-scale portraiture? With Brandi Hofer's Large Scale Portrait Classe learn the art from the ground up – literally! From stretching canvas to scaling your work, discover the secrets behind creating captivating collections. Dive into the world of materials and tools, and unlock our secret shortcut to achieving vibrant and appealing portraits!

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        Portrait Class

          Ages 8+ accessible for any age or artistry level The biggest secret I am going to share with you is how to draw a face even if you don’t know how. We combine our fun free techniques into stunning works of art and portraiture. After years of honing my own techniques I am finally ready to share all my tips and painting secrets with the world! This class is fun to do with a group of friends, classmates or on your own!

          • $129 CAD

          Grow Your Collectors Class

            For Creatives Looking to scale your practice and take on professional custom orders? This class is for you! Did you know that the best customer is a return customer!? I sure do after 16 years in the art world! In this class we go through professionalism, contracts, bookings, pricing and more! In one year alone we did over 130 custom orders, we know what's going on and we want you to thrive!

            • $79 CAD

            Getting Creative with Kids Course

              Ages 2-8 The Getting Creative with Kids course will transform the way that you approach your every day with your littles and empower you to wake up excited about what is in store! We talk about creating in a loving way as well as finding balance and love in your day.

              • $59 CAD

              DIY Interior Murals!

                Murals have the power to transform any room on a budget! Take any space and make it somewhere where you'll want to spend your time. The great thing is: that you can do this yourself! We will take you through step-by-step the whole process. You'll learn about materials, shortcuts, and how to create a design unique to you! Invest in your space! We will prepare you to take on any mural project with this course!